The Boogie Woogie Trio Vol 2

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The selections on this superb collection were recorded from live broadcasts originating in the Sherman Hotel in downtown Chicago during September / October. 1939 – a period that found The Boogie Woogie Trio riding the crest of a popular musical wave. It has often been said that the piano sonatas of Mozart and Beethoven are veiled symphonies….that the piano is truly an orchestra in itself. These men prove it here over and over again, in their spontaneous, veiled symphonies of boogie-woogie and blues.

Alabert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis – piano

Recorded Sept-Oct,1939

Pinetop Blues
G Flat Blues
Washington Blues
Jesse James
Has Anyone See Corrine
St. Louis Blues
Woo Woo
Saturday Night Struggle
Hersal Blues
Bear Car Crawl
Pete’s Blues
Try Again
Mama’s Blues
Shout For Joy
Boogie Woogie Prayer
Boogie Woogie
Boogie Woogie Jump
Jo Jo
Four O’Clock Blues
Dupree Blues
Monday Struggle
Chapel Blues
Closing Time

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