The Boswell Sisters Collection Vol. 4 1932-34


Volume 4 in Nostalgia Arts’ chronological CD series on the Boswell Sisters consists of 24 numbers recorded for radio broadcast between 1932-34, while the three sisters were at the height of their career. Such was their popularity that on most of the tunes on this CD they are accompanied by the hottest band in the U.S. at the time – the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra. Natives of New Orleans, the Boswell Sisters grew from a vaudeville act into the greatest and most influential American female vocal group of all time. There are a broad spectrum of musical influences present in the 24 numbers on this CD, from Dixieland favorites to popular tunes to Duke Ellington classics. Often imitated but never equalled, the Boswell sisters sang like no three voices had before, simply because no one else could match their magic blend of harmony, rhythm, exuberance, feeling and sheer musicianship. It is easy to understand – and hear – why the Boswell Sisters are considered the greatest female vocal group of all time.