Chicago Blues Nights Vol 2

Eddie Clearwater, Jimmy Dawkins, Sylvester Boines and Fred Below make up a blues band which is completely out of the ordinary and one of the most fascinating that blues fans could dream of… Number 1 -4 of this CD is the continuation of their recording at "Ma Bea's" famous club on the West Side in November, 1976 – a session which has already resulted in the CD, "Black Night" (Storyville STCD 8036). For the other tunes on this CD (from 5-13), the tape-recorder at the "Golden Slipper" caught Fred Below's Blues Combo, featuring the well-known Eddie Taylor on guitar and vocals. This veteran of the blues is provided with a strong guitar back-up by Lacy Gibson who takes the two solos on "Red Light". Moreover, fans will easily identify guitarists Eddie Taylor and Lacy Gibson when they improvise one after another on "Big Town Play Boy" or "Blues For Luc". Fred Below may not be the greatest of singers but he certainly gives us a very pleasant and swinging version of "Route 66", starting with his famous and rhythmic "A one and a two… and you know what to do!".