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Shoehorn Shuffle

Six nice, good-natured and humorous Danish men present a cold and tasty cool jazz cocktail




Cool Sweetness could be a nice cold and tasty cocktail… or maybe an irresistible ice cream… But actually, it is the name of Danish trombonist Anders Jacobsen’s jazz sextet. “Cool” because the main inspiration comes from the cool jazz as they played it on the American West Coast in the fifties. “Sweetness” because that is how the sextet members really are. Six nice, good-natured and humorous men who love to play good jazz.

The music on their album “Shoehorn Shuffle” is primarily composed and arranged by Jacobsen and the album features a strong line-up of the coolest players on the Danish jazz scene, including Mårten Lundgren (trumpet), Jens Søndergaard (sax), Pelle von Bülow (guitar), Ole Skipper (bass) and Aage Tanggaard (drums).

Mårten Lundgren (trumpet)
Jens Søndergaard (sax)
Pelle von Bülow (guitar)
Ole Skipper (bass)
Aage Tanggaard (drums).

1. Open Country
2. Nancy
3. Limehouse Blues
4. Wintersaga
5. December Rain
6. Blue Daniel
7. Shoehorn Shuffle
8. Who Can I Turn To
9. Serenade T.D.P.J.I.H.M
10. Red Rubberboat
11. September Hymn

“…musikken vi får servert blir spilt akkurat slik denne musikken skal. (…) «Shoehorn Schuffle» er en hyggelig innspilling med musikk fra gullalderen for den danske jazzen.” – Granlie, Salt Peanuts


“Alle kompositioner er solide, og det samme er arrangementerne (som alle skyldes Anders Jacobsen). Det hele emmer af overskud, livsglæde og humor.” – Ivan Rod


“…the album captures the breezy and lithe feel of the genre, but with an extra pulse…” – Harris, Jazz Weekly


“Danish sextet follows the sound of West Coast cool with flair and fluency…” – Jack, JazzJournal


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