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The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett

A Spiritual connection between two Jazz Greats




Recognized as one of the most accomplished musicians of his generation, Carsten Dahl pays a mesmerizing tribute to the legendary Keith Jarrett on his new album The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett. This remarkable recording showcases Dahl’s extraordinary talent, as he collaborates with a host of acclaimed musicians, including trumpet virtuoso Palle Mikkelborg, versatile saxophonist Fredrik Lundin, expressive bassist Nils Bo Davidsen, melodic drummer Stefan Pasborg and musicians from Ensemble Midtvest to craft a mesmerizing tribute to the iconic Keith Jarrett, one of the most influential jazz instrumentalists of his generation.


The album was partly recorded in the concert hall of the Royal Danish Library ‘Dronningesalen’ during the 2019 Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where Dahl and his fellow musicians established a spiritual dialogue. Not only do they celebrate the iconic and legendary virtuoso, they try instead to grasp the air of his songwriting by playing both compositions by themselves and interpretations of some of Jarrett’s less known material plus a couple of Jarrett’s favorites by others.


The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett captures the essence of Jarrett’s improvisational genius while showcasing the unique musical contributions of each artist. The collaborative interplay between Dahl’s piano, Mikkelborg’s aerial trumpet, Lundin’s evocative saxophone, Davidsen’s expressive bass and Pasborg’s melodic drumming weaves a tapestry of sound that combined with strings in the background gives the album a genuine classical feel that honors Jarrett’s legacy while offering a fresh interpretation.


Throughout the album, Dahl, Mikkelborg, Lundin, Davidsen and Pasborg effortlessly navigate the compositions, infusing them with their individual artistry and imaginative improvisations. Their collective synergy and deep musical understanding create a transformative listening experience that pays homage to the past while embracing the present. Their combined artistry and shared reverence for Jarrett’s musical language promise an album that transcends boundaries and resonates with jazz enthusiasts worldwide.


This recording is set to be an exceptional addition to any jazz enthusiast’s collection, offering a captivating blend of technical brilliance, emotional depth and artistic innovation. Dahl’s profound musicality and his ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level are showcased throughout this remarkable album. It is a Wahlvervandschaft, a connection between spiritual and musical brothers – documented with love and respect on The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett!

Carsten Dahl – Piano
Palle Mikkelborg – Trumpet
Fredrik Lundin – Saxophone
Nils Bo Davidsen – Bass
Stefan Pasborg – Drums
Ana Feitosa – Violin
Matthew Jones – Violin
Sanna Ripatti – Viola
Jonathan Slaatto – Cello

  1. Opening
  2. When I Fall In Love
  3. Flying Away & Song For Keith
  4. Bass-anity
  5. Allentown Blues
  6. Polyphonistic Nightmares
  7. Drum dance
  8. The Mysterious Corona
  9. Evil Speak & Adonis
  10. Little Song For Fredrik
  11. October Song
  12. October Thoughts
  13. Prism
  14. Over The Rainbow

“Sammen har den (af gode grunde) anerkendte pianist og hans suveræne sidemen skabt en storslået plade – ikke en let sag, men en kompleks og krævende størrelse.” – Rod, ivanrod.dk

“There’s something for every kind of jazz listener on The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett, and for every kind of Keith Jarrett fan.” – Whitehouse, A Green Man

“Med de svært så personlige stemmene til de fem danske jazzstorhetene, så har dette blitt akkurat så stort som jeg opplevde det den varme og flotte sommerkvelden på Den svarte diamant i København. Mektig!” – ***** – Hammerø, nettavisen.no

“Der er tråde til Jarretts lyd, stemning og spiritualitet gennem hele pladen.” – Overgård, JazzNyt


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