Mads Vinding (born 7 December 1948 in Copenhagen) is a Danish jazz double-bassist. He is a Danish jazz musicians, and one of the ‘aces of basses’ with more than 600 recordings to his credit. Professional at age 16, Vinding became the house-bassplayer at Café Montmartre, the legendary jazz club in Copenhagen. He is the holder of a list of engagements with a multitude of jazz masters. Mads Vinding has performed all over the world, produced several records and has received jazz awards: 1978 first prize as best soloist in the International Radio contest NORDRING; The Ben Webster Prize in 1982; Palæ Jazz Prize in 1997; Launy Grøndahl’s honorary prize 2000; winner of Readers Polls 1997 & 2000; recipient of three Grammy’s for Best Album 2000 in the jazz and folk category and recipient of the Django D’or prize as “Master of Jazz” 2007. Along with the acoustic double-bass, he has also refined his playing on the electric bass. What makes him an outstanding artist and a sought-after soloist, however, are his musical command and his maturity, which have been called upon over 35 years of working with outstanding jazz musicians. He has played with the majority of jazz musicians worth playing with – as of 2006 he plays with the ones that satisfy his concepts of what music ought to sound like. He has two sons, Mikael and Klaus, and lives with his wife, Susanne, in Copenhagen.


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